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Sizing up Stacy

Sunday June 27, 2010

The petite lass from Penampang is singing her way to fame. But she remains a grounded person despite it all.

A MAJOR accident totalled her first car, a Peugeot 307, last May. But on the whole, singer Stacy Adnam is taking it in her stride.

Even if the car was her grand prize for winning Season 6 of Akademi Fantasia and it was her older brother driving it, she accepts the incident as “inevitable and a test from the one above.”

“I was sad but not devastated. What happened that day is something I will always have to live with.

“I believe you can’t expect anything to remain in good condition forever. Even a human being like me will face the same scenario one day. These are the ups and downs we have to face in life.

The petite singer, popular for hits like Aku Stacy, Pakai Buang, Gagap and Menggegar Dunia is thankful that her brother escaped with just a broken leg.

Though she now commutes in cabs, she has made plans to get a Toyota Wish. She is excited about the compact MPV which she thinks really suits her lifestyle.

“I love the interior. I am looking for a family car as I always ferry around my nieces, nephews, siblings and parents. So this classy MPV suits me fine,” says the energetic 20-year-old with a husky voice.

She was also impressed with the Renault Koleos that we got her to take a spin in.

“Its a real driving pleasure. I love the spaciousness and the fact that it is a four-wheel-drive. The Koleos is also sporty with a handsome compact exterior. Its stylish and cool, especially the credit card-styled key. That’s something new compared to other regular car keys,” said Stacy.

Asked if she would consider the car, Stacy shrugged and chirpily replied, “If the budget is right, why not?”

She admits to being thrifty about her budget.

“I always cut my baju according to my body. I know I have to work hard to earn a living so I spend wisely. I need to put aside for my personal expenditure like make-up, dancers, dresses for my performances. This, on top of paying the bills and keeping my family happy.

“I’ve learned ways to keep my budget low, so that I can share what I earn with my beloved family. I don’t hang out in clubs and eat out so often. Whatever I earn, I make it a point to spend wisely after consulting my family first,” said Stacy who now lives with her mum, Agnes Kallos, father Anam Bayar and her siblings in a rented house in Puchong, Kinrara.

“After I won AF6, many expected me to tear down my parents wooden house in Kg Tuavon in Penampang. I did some repairs and renovations to make it more comfortable. I think that’s more practical as I have to save for rainy days.”

Though young, she’s well aware that life as a celebrity is not all rosy. She is still trying to adjust to the wild gossip.

“You can talk to a boy innocently and the next thing, they say you are in a relationship. But that does not deter me,” said Stacy.

There was also the time she was labelled by the press as being tardy.

“It’s funny how things get out of hand. I was only late for that one show in Penang, which I admitted was my fault. And that was my only black mark so far, and yet they made it seemed like that was one of my bad habits. I guess that’s the price I have to pay as a singer,” she said.

Singing has been something she’s been doing from quite a tender age.

The fifth of six siblings, she was actually doing gigs in pubs at 15, namely at the Jugs in Sutera Harbour, Rasmatos and Q Ball in Kota Kinabalu.

Initially, her parents found it quite disturbing.

“Being a practical person, I reasoned to my family that no one really cares about our situation and a singer’s pay is better than a waitress or a cashier,” says the daughter of a small-time farmer.

The Kadazan-Dusun lass studied at St Michael Penampang Secondary School before quitting school at 16 because of financial problems.

Though once a drop-out, the AF6 title has made it possible for Stacy to pursue her studies, She was awarded a full scholarship at the Lim Kok Wing University Of Creative Technology for a Diploma in Music and Arts last February.

“This chance is truly by God’s grace. It means a lot to me as the course I’m taking is just up my street and I’m very keen to do it.”

Stacy and brother Camellus De’lleli Anam (Chaq), once formed a group named E-voke and entered the TV3 reality show, Gang Starz. They only made it to the semi-finals.

Many joked that Stacy is better known as the “VIP of Penampang” because the people back home are so proud of her win and fame.

“I thank my lucky stars because I’m still around after two years. They say being a celeb, you are rich and famous. I’m not famous and definitely not rich. But I am comfortable and my life today is much better than it once was....thank God for that,” said Stacy who stresses that she is still single, available but is in no hurry to find any boyfriend just yet.

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